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wakapapa on iPhone
wakapapa on iPhone

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About Wakapapa

Explore real locations with augmented experiences designed by your favourite eco-friendly brands to get exclusive rewards and drive impact for their sustainability campaigns.

Collect augmented reality objects in the real world with your phone, and score Wakas, our internal points! Wakas will help you unlock cool rewards from brands you love and get you closer to purchasing life-changing experiences from our WakaStore! More important, each Waka counts as a vote in backing causes dear to your heart as a Planet Hero, so that each drop of your action truly counts!

Create a healthy and sustainable
future for our planet from
the metaverse.

Create a healthy and sustainable future for our planet from the metaverse.

Get early access before our 2023 launch!

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At Wakapapa, we believe in the power of collaboration, where partners support each other to create positive change.

Together, we can drive meaningful change and impact.


Our platform sparks a virtuous cycle: our community explores the real world, forging deeper connections with brands committed to making a difference.


As part of our mission, Wakapapa donates a portion of our advertising revenue to causes selected by user votes.


We are looking for the “doers!”

Become part of a community where people like you are convinced that, united, we can improve life for all!


Partner with us to create a lasting impact

Impact cannot happen if we all just talk about it, we need heroes that make change happen!

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